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Despite childhood trauma that trailed me into adulthood, I have been resilient in fighting to get to and fully live out my God given purpose of helping and inspiring others.

Being a competitive childhood martial artist who was sexually abused in silence by a trusted adult, an overly sensitive middle child wanting validation but lacking the proper skills in expressing myself, my actions often showed up in the form of anger, hurt, detachment and isolation.

With nearly 5 decades of disciplined training, Martial Arts and my Faith have helped me navigate through some character building experiences.

From beginning my journey as a competitive childhood Martial Artist and now having been inducted into several Martial Arts Hall of Fames and as a Woman of Color, hence I decided to title this book GLIMPSES of the WARRIOR WITHIN; My Journey of Discovering I AM ENOUGH!

Glimpses Of The Warrior Within: My Journey of Discovering I am Enough!

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  • Paperback Book